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Turnkey energy saving projects
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We design and implement energy-efficient solutions in the following systems:

Cold supply
Air conditioning
Heating and hot water
Benefits of developing integrated
engineering projects with the company "Insolar - Climate"

Optimize costs

Optimize capital costs and offer systems with guaranteed energy efficiency
Minimizing engineering risks
ready to predict operating costs and therefore calculate the payback period of various energy-saving systems
We create projects with an optimal price / quality ratio
We use an integrated approach to the design of various engineering systems in order to optimize the capital and operating costs of the Customer.
When designing systems we use advanced technology:
Heat pumps
Heat pump based systems provide year-round comfortable conditions in buildings for various purposes
Air heat exchangers
Allows you to save up to 60-70% of the heat used to heat the supply air in winter and reduce cold consumption
Water heat exchangers
The waste heat and process water heat recovery system allows you to return a significant amount of thermal energy to ensure hot water heating
Water Infrared Heating and Cooling System
Energy savings range from 40% and above mainly due to a decrease in the air temperature in the room
Variable air flow ventilation systems
Systems respond to changes in heat or other loads of individual rooms and areas of buildings and change the actual amount of air
Heat Recovery Systems in Cooling Systems
Due to the introduction of heat recovery systems in refrigeration units, operating costs for water heating are minimized
Free cooling systems
With a decrease in the outdoor temperature, electrical energy savings can be up to 80%
Heat and cold storage systems
Allow you to reduce the power of engineering systems, as well as operate them with a uniform load during the day
Our experience in numbers:

years on the market
engineering projects created "turnkey"
2 000 000+
hryvnia saved by our customers in 2016 due to the implementation of energy-efficient solutions
Examples of developed projects:

We have developed and implemented engineering solutions for both international brands and small companies.
What is special about the design of energy-saving projects "turnkey"?

The economic situation in Ukraine, as well as the rapid growth in the cost of energy, have become a real incentive for the introduction of modern technologies aimed at reducing energy consumption.

Since 1991, Insolar-Climate has been developing and implementing comprehensive projects of energy-efficient engineering systems of systems with optimal capital expenditures.
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