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Commissioning of engineering systems of enterprises
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- is an ongoing process to resolve operating problems, improve comfort, optimize energy use and identify retrofits for existing commercial and institutional buildings and central plant facilities.
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The main advantages of commissioning from Insolar-Climate

Short time for commissioning
Minimum load for customer's employees
Quick return on investment
What is the difference between the commissioning Insolar-Climate from traditional energy audit?

The main differences of our approach from the traditional full-scale energy audit are to reduce the period of preparatory work with the minimum possible distraction of the operating personnel of the customer. The timing of such a commissioning usually takes a week and is characterized by relatively low costs for its preparation and conduct, and, accordingly, quick return periods for the money spent.
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The existing stable opinion about the high capital intensity of energy-efficient measures is not quite correct and, moreover, creates a "demotivational" mood. With our work, we refute this myth and concentrate on solutions that allow us to significantly optimize costs with minimal investment.
How we are working?
We carry out commissioning of the main energy-consuming systems
When analyzing the engineering systems of a particular building, we determine the main energy-consuming systems to which we install the sensors, and in real time transmit the necessary data on their state
Define "low hanging fruit"

On the basis of the data obtained, we form a list of free or low-cost activities that allow in the shortest time to reduce the costs of energy consumption of enterprises
We provide the implementation of solutions to reduce energy consumption
on the basis of decisions agreed with the Customer and adopted for implementation, optimizes engineering systems and confirm the estimated payback period
Our cases:
Commissioning of engineering systems of enterprises from Insolar-Climate is:
years on the market
completed commissioning projects
6 500 000+
hryvnas saved by our customers in 2016 due to the implementation of energy-efficient solutions
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